To charge electric vehicles (EVs) of any user profile, Total offers various EV Charge solutions for businesses, public authorities and individuals.

In Private areas

  • For corporate and dedicated fleets, "packaged" and flexible solutions to address all needs: a charge service at the workplace, at employees' homes, and access to a wide network of public charging stations and TOTAL service stations, thus complementing the multi-energy offer marketed by TOTAL FLEET.
  • For private cars, a charging service at home with additional e-mobility services.

In publicly accessible areas

  • For all private environments accessible to employees, visitors or customers, a charge service adapted to the needs of various users and open to multiple payment systems including the TOTAL multi-energy card, electric mobility cards or bank cards. The offer also covers automotive networks with a service specially designed to meet the manufacturers' specifications.
  • For local and regional authorities, a tailor-made offer according to their requirements specification, to offer a public charging service to support the development of electric mobility in the territories.

In Total’s service stations

  • A network of 1000 High-Power charge points (up to 175 kW) to be installed by 2022 on 300 stations, i.e. every 150 km in Western Europe.
  • A service for both private users with e-mobility cards or bank cards through a mobile app, and business users, with the TOTAL Multi-Energies Card.

Watch our customer feedback from DHL on our solution to charge a dedicated fleet:

For integrated offers, these EV charge offers can be completed with the following Total Group’s solutions (if eligible):

  • The TOTAL multi-Energies Card proposed by TOTAL FLEET
  • Leasing and financing solutions thanks to the expertise of Greenflex
  • Various offers of energy supply, including green energy, with Total Direct Energie
  • Charge points alimented with renewable energy thanks to Total Solar’s photovoltaic solar panels

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